Books, articles, movies

Books and articles:

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“The soul of movement – the movement of the soul”, Shift, ¹1,1980

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“Ulanova-100» – Fragments from the diary of Galina Ulanova, published by Galina Ulanova Foundation, 2010


1941 – “Film Concert of 1941” – ballet number “Dying Swan».

1947 – “Ballet Soloist” – ballerina Sinelnikova.

1951 – “Big Concert” – by Juliette. Directed by V. Stroeva.

1952 – “Concert of Masters of Arts”. – Chopin’s Waltz, directed by A. Ivanovskiy, G. Rappaport.

1953 – “Masters of Russian Ballet” (film-performance).

1954 – “Romeo and Juliet” (movie play)

1956 – “Giselle” – Giselle / GABT play to music by Adam Adam, directed by Lavrovsky, conducted by G. Rozhdestvenskiy

1957 – “Grand Ballet”, musical film-performance, directed by P. Zinner.

1958 – “Magic Mirror” (documentary)

1963 – “Galina Ulanova” (documentary), directed by L. Christie and M. Slavinskaya.

1964 – “Gather Venus”, musical film-play, directed by Y. Saakov.

1969 – “Young Ballet of the World” (documentary)

1970 – “Dance composition” (documentary)

1971 – “Adagio” (documentary)

1972 – “Halyna Ulanova”, program from “About Ballet” cycle, Main editorial board of CD music programs, air of March 01, 1972, 51 min., host B. Lviv-Anohin, director E. Mecheret.

1979 – “Reflections on Mravinsky” (documentary).

1981 – “The World of Ulanova”, documentary film, TV “Screen” of the Central Television, in 2 episodes (1h 03 min. and 1h), directed by A.K. Simonov and V.V. Vasiliev.

1983 – “And every night at the hour appointed…” (documentary)

1990 – “Katya and Volodya” (documentary)

1997 – “The Tsar’s Box. Galina Ulanova” – RTV, documentary film, author and presenter G. Mshanskaya

1998 – “In Memory of Ulanova”, documentary film, directed by N.S. Tikhonov.

2004 – “Ulanova Forever”, documentary film, State TV and Radio Company “Kultura”, directed by N.S. Tikhonov.

2006 – “How the idols left. Galina Ulanova”, documentary, DTV, directed by Dm. Kuzharov.

2008 – “The Best of the Bolshoi Ballet in London”, documentary, UK, directed by Paul Czinner.

2009 – “Galina Ulanova. The Loneliness of the Goddess”, documentary film, TV “Top Secret”, directed by A. Koridze.

2010 – “My Silver Ball. Galina Ulanova”, documentary film, author and presenter V. Wolf, director E. Gudieva

2010 – “Galina Ulanova. Unscheduled Questions”, documentary film, State TV and Radio Company “Culture”, directors M. Denisevich, V. Spirin.

2020 – “The Legend stays to live”, Vladimir Vasiliev’s author’s film/ (Copyright of Vladimir Vasiliev for the State TV channel “Culture”, 2020.