On May 16, 2004 a gala-performance Homage to Galina Ulanova was held by the Foundation in collaboration with the Bolshoi Theatre and with support of the Ministry of Culture.

May 16 has always been a very significant date in Galina Ulanova’s life. She celebrated it every year as her second birthday. On this day of 1928 Galina Ulanova graduated from the Vaganova Choreographic School.

In the program of the gala there were the principal dancers, corps de ballet and the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre and ballet dancers of Mariinsky Theatre, soloists and choir of Novaya Opera Theatre, students of Moscow Dance Academy and Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. Conductor Eri Klas. The artistic director of the gala was Vladimir Vasiliev.

The first 5 most prominent figures in dance who during their whole lives served selflessly to their profession will be awarded with porcelain figures of Galina Ulanova in the role of Odette (sculpture by Yanson-Manizer). They were Marina Semenova, Olga Lepeshinskaya, Raisa Struchkova, Alexei Fadeechev and John Neumeier. This award “For selfless service to the art of dance” was specially made first ever in 40 years for the Ulanova Foundation by the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory in Sankt-Petersburg.

The Galina Ulanova Foundation also announced the first 6 holders of the Galina Ulanova Foundation’s grants:

DIANA AKHMETSHINA, State Choreographic school, Kazan

NINA VOLKOVA, State Dance Academy, Moscow

VASSILY TKACHENKO, Russian Ballet Academy named after A.Vaganova, S.-Petersburg

MARIA FILIPPOVA, State Choreographic School, Voronezh

MARIA SHIRINKINA, State Choreographic School, Perm

BRUNA FERNANDA CANTAHNE DE GAGLIANONE, Bolshoi Ballet School in Brasil, Joinville

There were a lot of photo and video archives with G.S.Ulanova shown at the gala (from the archives of the Bolshoi Theatre).